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Re: Peanut Butter Analysis

ok a couple of questions:

1. how do you extract ALL the oil out of peanut butter? sounds like a lot of

2.  could you possibly mix the peanut butter powder that's left with
something else to make it spreadable? i have no idea what, it's just a
thought tho

> A few weeks ago when the Peanut Butter thread was going strong, I posted
> the following message but it didn't make it to the list. Since the topic
> has come up again, I thought I would try again:
> According to the labels on peanut butter, they are
> approximately 50% fat. Peanuts themselves are the
> same. According to the information I have, the
> manufacturers of peanut butter remove peanut oil
> (which they can sell as a higher priced product than
> soybean oil) and then add hydrogenated soybean or
> other oil to bring it back to the original 50% fat.
> Sugar and/or other sweeteners are also added. They add
> hydrogenated oil (which solidifies it) so the oil
> doesn't separate out of the peanut butter.
> Back in my teaching days, I had students extract all
> the oil out of peanut butter. What remains is a very
> fine powder. I'm sure somebody could do something to
> make a spread with it but I don't know if it would
> satisfy the craving for "real" peanut butter.
> Eva