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Whole Wheat flour

At 09:02 AM 9/26/00 -0600, you wrote:

Whole wheat pastry flour can be substituted with whole wheat flour and cornstarch. For example, three cups whole wheat pastry flour equals two and a half cups whole wheat flour
plus six tablespoons cornstarch.

I don't think that this is correct. Whole wheat pastry flour is made from soft wheat, rather than hard wheat or a mixture of hard and soft. It has a high starch content and is not good for making bread. The package of Bob's Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour that is in my cupboard says "Ingredients: Whole wheat pastry flour." Another part of the label says "For maximum nutrition and high fiber use it in place of white flour for pancakes, muffins, cookies, cakes, pie crusts and in any recipes calling for baking powder or soda as a rising agent."

An article on flour, in Veggie Life, Summer 2000, page 69, gives this definition: "Whole-wheat pastry flour is ground from soft wheat and is often used in combination with bread flour in challah or sweet rolls. It has 9 to 10 percent protein, making it best suited for muffins and quick breads, since it is so low in gluten."