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low fat lowcal Granola

Before I go any further this is my first posting, so if I'm mistaken I do apologise. Here is a recipe I found for Granola thats 95% fat free. Its from the Diet book The Aphrodite Diet which is full of great low calorie low in satfat recipes. This tastes yummy like a cross between Granola and Museli. It makes about three pints and will last at least a week. 4 FLOZ gives you 191 calories, 5 grms of fat of which less than one gram is sat fat. Nutritionaly its great and you'll soon find that you develop your own recipe.

Okay here goes,
(Remember this total recipe makes 3 pints so the following quantites aren't that much fat)

550g raw oats, quick cooking or regular
5 Tbsp ground flaxseed/walnuts
2-3tbsp rapeseed oil
2-4 tbsp of honey or brown sugar (this can be added to taste)
250 ml dried fruit ie papaya, berries, raisons
350ml dried apples chopped into 6ml pieces ( if you do this by hand cover knife blade in oil to prevent sticking)

Pre-heat oven to 180c/350f/gas mark 4
mix all ingredients except fruit in a bowl.
spread evenly in a shallow bowl and bake for 15 mins
remove from oven and stir it so it will cook uniformly
continue to bake until golden-brown (it wil need to be watched v. carefully & in my experience stired)
Remove from oven, mix in dried fruit.
Leave it to cool and keep it in a covered container.

Hope this helps, The Aphrodite Diet is a very interesting book about essential fats which have to be eaten, omega 6, and those that need to avoided, omega 3 ie Sunflower oil.

Well enjoy your Granola,

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