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Re: Chicken Substitute ?

>Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 22:19:44 -0500
>From: "Robin Blair" <melidee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>I often use veggie burgers, garden burgers, crumbles and other "fake =
>meat" soy products, but I find that almost all of them are "beef" or =
>"red meat" substitutes.  Does anyone have any good substitutes for =
>chicken or turkey?  I sometimes get a craving for a "chicken" like =
>something, and I end up eating another Boca burger without satisfaction! =
> any suggestions?

Yes, two suggestions.  

1.  Tofu is often used in a variety of 'chicken-ish' ways -
both frozen tofu and un-frozen tofu (different textures).  
Perhaps you'd like to introduce yourself to it if you
haven't already?  A cookbook with tofu recipes would be a
help, I think.  I don't actually know of a good 'beginners'
tofu cookbook.  Anyone have recommendations?

2.  DixieDiner has a 'chicken-not' TVP product.  I wasn't
very impressed with it, and would much rather have tofu, but
maybe you'd like it.  They do have a lot of interesting
products, btw.


Would you please adjust your email program to send out plain
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come through to me (and to many others:  I use, as many
other people do, a text-based email program).  Thanks!


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><DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2>I often use veggie burgers, garden =
>crumbles and other &quot;fake meat&quot; soy products, but I find that =
>all of them are &quot;beef&quot; or &quot;red meat&quot; =
>substitutes.&nbsp; Does=20
>anyone have any good substitutes for chicken or turkey?&nbsp; I =
>sometimes get a=20
>craving for a &quot;chicken&quot; like something, and I end up eating =
>Boca burger without satisfaction!&nbsp; any=20