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Re: Grain mills

My favorite site is   www.Lehmans.com
They specialize in Non-electric living   just go to the home page and look
under kitchen implements then Grain mills for lots of info.

Grain Mills
Make your own whole grain flour, corn meal, coffee, peanut butter or tahini!
Our mills grind anything - wheat, coffee, corn, nuts, millet, soybeans,
sesame seeds, oats, rice, rye, lentils, and more. Some of them even make
cereal, crack grain for animal feed or shell sunflower seeds!

Our Mills

 Every mill from Lehman's has these important features:
Adjustable from fine grinding to cracking (except electric mills)
Proven design (1,000s of each style sold)
No tools required to change grinds
Grind settings won't wander in use
Comfortable, full-size handle grips
Money back guarantee

Grain Mill Interview

 Having difficulty deciding which mill to buy? Our Grain Mill Interview can
help. By answering several questions about your grinding wants and needs on
our Web site, we can recommend which mill will suit you best.

Choose a mill that meets your needs
Grind one or two pounds at a time-Choose #16-395 for low cost, #27-BBGG or
#35-710 for turning ease and fine-grind or Our Best Mill for fine grind,
long-term durability, quality workmanship, versatility.
Note: Our lower cost mills are well suited for periodically grinding flour
for several loaves of bread. If you have a family and/or plan to grind more
than a few pounds at a time, you may be happier with the Country Living
(#23CM), the Diamant (#525), the Quaker City (#85-404), or an electric mill
High volume mills-#85-404, #232, #2360, #23CM and #525 are our largest, most
durable and fastest hand mills. #85-404 produces a medium-fine flour for
home making and is extremely fast. #232 produces a medium flour, but #2360
can only grind coarse, making it best suited for cracking grain (animal
feed, cereal, etc). #525 and #23CM can also make extremely fine flour, and
they turn much easier and more smoothly.
Electric-Electric mills are fast, convenient, easy to clean and produce the
finest flour. Best of all, they work effortlessly.
Commercial Mill-The Meadow Mills mill is big and fast enough for commercial
applications or community settings.
Specialty Mills-Our Roller Mills make cracked grain for cereal, granola or
oat flakes. Our Poppy Seed mill is designed to crush poppy seeds for
specialty breads and muffins

Nancy  Adkins
BayWind Farm
Bethany Beach, Delaware
Homepage :  http://www.geocities.com/baywindfarm/
"A man doesn't learn to understand anything unless he loves it."
[Johann Wolfgang VonGoethe]