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veggie Boston

That restaurant in Boston in the financial district is Country Life.  I know
they have a website. There's also a Boston Vegetarian Society, which may
have a website.  I've never been but have heard great things about it.  I
think they serve buffet style with many options.  

My favorite place is on the Bosotn Common side of Chinatown.  Fabulous place
Buddha's Delight.  All veggie, practically all vegan (there may be some milk
in a few drinks)and GREAT! Of course it isn't fat free, but there are plenty
of options that should be fine.  I know there's a Buddha's Delight 2,
perhaps in Brookline - still "in" Boston.  And Chinatown itself has great
little markets with many veggie delights.

It's a great little city and with all those students I'm sure you'll find
some good veggie options.

Kate, an hour and a bit from the city, in lovely Southern NH