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vegan boston restaurants

and does anyone know anything about being vegan in boston - ie restaurants,
grocery stores... >>

There's a great restaurant in Boston called Fire and Ice. There's one in Harvard Square and one in Back Bay. To get to the one in Back Bay, take the Green Line to either the Copley or Arlington stop and it's a short walk to Berkley St. To get to the one in Cambridge, take the Red Line to the Harvard stop and use the Church St. exit. Anyway, it works on the Mongolian BBQ principle but is MUCH nicer and more vegan-friendly than average. You can pick all of your ingredients and a sauce (or combo of sauces if you dare) to put on it. The sauces have complete ingredients listings, so you won't be tricked into eating any animal products. The grill has a special cooking area for vegetarians. It's yummy, and user-friendly, and relatively inexpensive if you go for lunch. It's my favorite place, I hope you like it too. I think there's one in Texas and I know there's one in Providence, also, in case any of you were curious. Don't worry about being unable to live your lifestyle in Boston. Bostonians are very openminded. I suggest subscribing to Boston Magazine and reading the Improper Bostonian at any opportunity. The Boston Globe is a great newspaper, too. So there ya go- more than you wanted to know. Good luck!

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