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RE: I have an eggplant....

Otto, bake/roast it (peeled or unpeeled) in the oven, with other veggies.
Microwave it (prick the skin first).  Saute it (peel it, chop it, and
stir-fry in your favorite saute medium--it will soak up everything you give
it, so if you do choose to use oil, add the eggplant to the pan AFTER you've
added other stuff so there will be some pan juices for it).  Stick it under
the broiler in your oven.

Then what?

Eat it straight.  As part of a stir-fry, over rice.  In soup.  Sliced, in
lasagna (try leaving out the cheese and use the eggplant instead).  In
tomato sauce, over pasta.  In ratatouille (pronounced rah-tah-TOO-yuh: look
up recipes in cookbooks and choose your favorite).  Chilled, in a veggie
salad (note that the French feel that eggplant is harder to digest when
eaten cold).

One of the best meals I ever had in a restaurant (it was a special request
for veggie, fatfree food in a French restaurant) was roasted
veggies--eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, red and green bell
peppers, I forget what else--over couscous.  Very simple, delectable, and
everyone at the table envied my plate.

You can also paint it in a still life.  It's such a pretty color.  :-)

Enjoy your eggplant!


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