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Re:V01 #169, Potato Salads

For the inquiry about cooking potato salad without no-fat mayo, I would use 
either non-fat yogurt or even non-fat sour cream, with maybe dill; or chives 
or possibly whipped silken tofu (ff-kind).  If you put the kind of tofu that 
comes in a cardboard-ish box, the soft silken variety, in a food processor 
and blend it for several minutes, it has the consistency of mayonaisse 
without the cholesterol or fat....its good for whipped cream too!
Also, I'm from Detroit, and our paper, the Free Press had an article recently 
about potato salads for summer picnics, the recipes arent fat free, but they 
should be relatively easy to make adjustments to....check it out : 
they have some good suggestions for spice combinations and condiments in 
Anyone have any good appetizer ideas for the fourth?
Also, does anyone have any good current recipes? We have our first generous 
harvest this summer from our garden, but we have more than we know what to do 
with! :)
Rebecca Carney