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thick smoothies

In a message dated 01-06-07 03:24:24 EDT, you write:

 I recently discovered the Better Than Milk product.  It is tasty and an =
 economical way for a single to enjoy soy milk if you do not drink it =
 every day.  I am trying to get the right proportions to make a thick =
 smoothie with it. I have added less water, more powder and ice but still =
 have not come up with the texture I am looking for (like the Nature's =
 Plus spirutein mixes).  Any suggestions? >>

Although I just use regular old soy milk for my smoothies, so I'm not 
familiar with the Better than Milk product, I find that to get the best 
texture, with a decadent thickness to it, just add frozen bananas.  I cut 
bananas up into chunks before freezing them, then just drop the frozen chunks 
in with the rest of the smoothie ingredients.