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Re: cheese

In a message dated 6/8/2001 3:27:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
julieb65@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< I love cheese and have not been able to find a good fat free cheese that 
 both tastes good and melts well (on pizza for example).  Does anyone know of 
 any good ones?  I'm also looking for a good nacho cheese recipe- I've tried 
 the nutritional yeast ones on the web, but haven't liked any of them. Any 
I'm with you, haven't found one yet that is really good. There are some 
decent low fat ones, but not fat free. I did try Borden's fat free cheddar 
and it was better than some, at least it had a modicum of flavor. I, too, 
would be delighted to hear from others to learn of any good fat free brands. 
Moreover, would love some uses and/or recipes using nutritional yeast. Thanks 
in advance.