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Trader Joe's Cream Cheese Substitute

 I'm a new subscriber.  I found the list because I used the keyword Trader 
Joe on the Google search engine and the fatfree list was one of the top hits.

I really like Trader Joe's, but I have a (NOT) fat free story to tell.

Yesterday, an elderly woman with a significant heart problem told me about a 
cream cheese substitute (Tofutti, rhymes with fruity) that she buys from that 
store.  She said that she loves cheese, but is not allowed to eat it.  She 
says that Tofutti tastes better than cream cheese, and she eats it by the 

Today, I picked up a package of Tofutti.  Yes, it does taste good, but any 
suggestion that it's related to Tofu is very misleading; 90 percent of its 
calories are from fat, hydrogenated soybean oil.  Each serving has 1 gram of 
protein, 1 gram of carbo, and 8 grams of fat.  Of those 8 fat grams, 2 are 
saturated and 6 are polyunsaturated.  The lettering that describes what it 
does not have (dairy, cholesterol, lactose, butterfat) are easily read.  The 
lettering that describes what it does have is tiny.

Trader Joe's is a fun place, but I don't think that promoting a low fat 
regimen is high on its agenda.

Jim Logan
Alexandria VA