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restaurants needed in London and Paris

Hi -- On Thursday, I will be leaving for London and Paris and am eager to
find restaurants for myself and my 10-year old.  I am very concerned about
finding fatfree veggy food for myself and less austere veggy food for him.
This trip will be more challenging than our usual travels because my
mobility is limited by a boot cast; I will have much more difficulty walking
to restaurants and much less ability to walk off any deviations from
fatfree.  We will be staying in the Marlborough Hotel on Bloomsbury Street
in London and in the Lord Byron on rue de Chateaubriand in Paris.
Restaurants near the hotel or near tourist attractions would be especially
helpful.  General information about what types of restaurants have fatfree
food (Are pubs off limits for fatfree folk?  for minors?), what dishes are
likely to be fatfree, and how to ask for fatfree food in French would be
much appreciated, too.   If some of your ideas are not appropriate for the
fatfree list, please e-mail them to me at gardnerm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks in advance for any tips you might have -- Meryl