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measuring drained applesauce

I came across the suggestion for the draining and posted it here. I'm
sure that others did also. I think you are supposed to measure after
draining. (I came to that conclusion because I see a lot of recipes
calling for using prune butter or baby food fruits and they are a lot
thicker than the watery applesauce that comes in the jars. What I
sometimes do is drain a whole jar and measure it out into portions and
then freeze it.

I've found that large jars of applesauce spoil and show mold quickly
the more I "touch" the contents (even when it comes to dipping a spoon
into the jar) . So putting it through a strainer and then back into
the refrigerator always backfires as a timesaver because the next time
I look for my strained applesauce, it's always spoiled!!!