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To Karen, who asked about Dean Ornish,
There is
an excellent website concerning the Ornish program at 
You can also get to it
by going to www.alltheweb.com and searching on Dr.
Dean Ornish.
It is called "Unofficial Support for...Dean Ornish
Program". (something like that)
The Unofficial Website is not endorsed by Ornish, but
contains really excellent information.
Unfortunately, it has
not been updated since February 2000, but if you have
not seen it it's definitely worth taking a look.
I recommend the "links", "suggested reading", and
One warning: on the information about vitamins it
mentions Dr. Ornish's
recommendation of flaxseed oil, but not the updated
that using the flax oil may increase the risk of
prostate cancer, so men may want to avoid it.

I always feel great when I am following the Ornish
I started my husband and me on it after both our
fathers had coronary bypass surgery.
Since then, out of concern for animals, I have become
totally vegan, and my husband almost vegan.
I use nonfat soy milk in place of Ornish's recommended
skim milk,
and my husband uses regular soy milk.

Anyway, my thinking is that if the Ornish program can
actually reverse heart disease,
it must be good at preventing same. I don't have
scientific studies
on this, but that's my hunch.
Laurie from Oklahoma

(One of the nation's top 5 states in deaths from
coronary heart disease. Also BBQ country).

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