USDA Nutrient Values

This is a simple Web interface to the USDA Nutrient Database. Nutrient values are available for 100 gram portions as well as two common serving sizes. Percent RDA is given for males and females between the ages of 25 and 50. These figures are based on average body weight of 79kg (174 lbs) for men and 63kg (138 lbs) for women.

To get nutrient values on a food, enter the name of the food you wish to search for in the search field. Use just one word -- you'll be given a menu of possible matches if your choice matches more than one item. If you don't get a match, check your spelling or try a related word. Some foods won't be in the database.

The raw data (the USDA nutrient database) is available at:

USDA Food Composition Data
This web program is based on a C program written by Michael Traub. The program was customized for use with this web site by Ari Kornfeld. The program converts the raw data into a more reasonable form. Web interface by Michelle Dick.

Hope you find this web site useful. Feel free to send any comments to me at (Michelle Dick)

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