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Cooking Millet

I have a request myself about millet..I've tried making it but even
after a lot of cooking it still seems to stay crunchy..I've been told
it's "good for me"...does anyone have any hints for making it?

Thanks,  Janine

Hi Janine,
  I cook millet and other grains for my son all the time. You might want to
start off with a small quantity of millet in case you don't like it. I boil
twice as much water as millet, then when it comes to the boil, stir it in
slowly. The yield is approximately triple. Reduce heat to a slow simmer and
cover. It's important to keep it covered the whole time it's cooking,
otherwise it comes out terrible. I made the mistake of cooking it with the
lid off once - gross! as my son said. It takes about 20 minutes cooking
time. Check near the end in case all the water has been absorbed.
  Another good grain is amaranth. It's interesting to look at and has a
nice texture. My son is small so I make 1/4 cup amaranth to 1 1/4 cups
water. This makes a cereal bowl sized serving. 
  If you need any other help with grains or unfamiliar foods, I have tons
of allergy and vegie cookbooks. There's usually information for just about
anything. Hope this helps,