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Emergency pasta

I wanted to share a 'fast' recipe that I am going to call 'emergency

I got home at noon on Saturday after spending two hours in the gym. I
needed to eat, and I usually have a microwaved potato and natural
yoghurt, salsa and some cheese. But my potatoes looked a bit green and I
had to try something else..

I had planned to go shopping after lunch, so we had only leftovers in
the fridge.  I put a handful of angel hair pasta in a saucepan and put
all of my leftovers into a bowl for the sauce.  This included some
tinned tomatoes, about six capers and a few tablespoons of salsa.  I
didn't want to waste time chopping anything up (and we didn't have
anything fresh anyway).  I zapped it for about two minutes.

About five minutes later, I wolfed down my pasta, and was ready to go
shopping without being hungry (v. important to save money this way!) 

I wanted to share this experience because previously I would have used
this as the perfect excuse to eat junk food (I earned it at the gym, I
did try to eat healthy food etc etc) but, with the support, ideas and
confidence for experimentation I have received from this group, that
wasn't necessary!

It has taken a while, and I am still not totally there, but I am
learning- thanks to all of you!
Kirsten Andrews
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Vice Chancellor
University of South Australia
Ph: 61 8302 0544
Fax: 61 8302 0220