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CAmping Foods & cooking grains

I would also be really interested in learning of some more camping
foods.  My boyfriend & I go with friends of us on 2-4 day canoe trips
downriver and have to take everything we'll need with us.  I generally
eat just corn on the cob, potatoes (precoked, just reheat over a
campfire - wrap in foil), and boca burgers with nonfat cheese. 
Breakfast is egg beaters & potatoes.  Anyway, I eat well, but would like
a little variety.  I do, however, need items that are very portable. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, as far as cooking rice, millet, etc. goes, I bought some of those
visions see through glass cookware pots.  That way, I don't have to
remove the lid to see if there's still liquid in the pot.  Works great
for me!

By the way ... this really is a GREAT list ... always get tons of great
ideas & info here.  I had NO IDEA that natural vegetable flavors was
another name for MSG.  Thanks!