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Re: CAUTION!!! Visions Cookware!

On Mon, 21 Apr 1997, Cynthia Barnes wrote:

> My sister-in-law had baked a cobbler in a covered Visions casserole, and 
> had it cooling on her electric stove with the lid on.  She did not 
> realize (a real problem with electrics) that the burner was on very low 
> under the pan.....
> The casserole dish EXPLODED-- sending huge shards of glass EVERYWHERE.  
> It did not just crack. 

I don't think this is a problem particular to Visions cookware.  Just 
about anything will crack if it is unevenly heated.  Unless your 
casseroles are rated safe for stove-top use (I've heard of these, but 
never seen them), they too will shatter under these circumstances.

My boyfriend (now my husband) had the same problem with a regular 
casserole a few years ago when he was fixing me a Valentine's dinner.

Susan "He makes me Valentines' dinner every year!" Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill