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Olestra and active dry yeast

I read in the media a couple of years ago about an artificial oil,
Olestra, which is supposedly  not metabolized by the body.  It is not
available here in Brazil, and I was planning to buy some in the States
when I go there in May.  Since I never saw it mentioned in the list, I
was wondering if there is any reason why it should be avoided in a vlf
diet.  I intend to use it mostly to pop corn.

Another thing:  I?m also planning to buy a breadmaker, and I?ve noticed
that most recipes call for active dry yeast.  The only biological yeast
we have here comes in tablets that have to be kept refrigerated.  Since
I don?t want to buy a year?s supply of active dry yeast to bring home, I
was wondering if these tablets can be used instead, and what the
conversion equivalent would be.