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Re: Olestra and active dry yeast

Irene wrote (in part):

> Another thing:  I'm also planning to buy a breadmaker, and I've noticed
> that most recipes call for active dry yeast.  The only biological yeast
> we have here comes in tablets that have to be kept refrigerated.  Since
> I don't want to buy a year's supply of active dry yeast to bring home, I
> was wondering if these tablets can be used instead, and what the
> conversion equivalent would be.
We here in South Africa have a powdered "instant" yeast which you 
just add with your dry ingredients, no need to mix with warm water 
and sugar first.  It's so easy to use,  comes in sachets and weighs next to nothing, 
has a virtually indefinite shelf life and takes up very little space.

If you don't have any where u are, let me know and we'll organise 

Frances Watts
for CompuQuest & Net!Heads
UUNet Internet Africa - Stanger franchise