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Correction of myself .. mea culpa

re my post of the recipe for Chipotle Paste:  <<Add the garlic, oregano and
oil and process on pulse until combined but still slightly chunky.>>

oops ..  I neglected to amend my recipe on file to read "Add the garlic,
oregano and water or broth" .. I apologize if anyone is offended by even
seeing the "o" word spelled out (or "d" word later in the post).  I make
those changes in my head and hope we are adult enough not to have to flame
a simple oversight or insist on *s (if I missed that in the rules, sorry
again .. though I disagree with that concept, I will respect it if I've
agreed to it by participating here).  I appreciate this list a lot and hope
chipotle lovers enjoy the incredibly versatile recipe.