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FF Bread Baking

     The only catch to substituting Applesauce or any other liquid for fat in 
     bread machine recipes is that the dough consistency should be adjusted.  To 
     do this, about 5 minutes into the kneading cycle open the bread machine to 
     check the dough.  At this point it should have formed up into a relatively 
     smooth ball of dough bouncing about as the blade rotates.  The dough should 
     feel slightly tacky to the touch.  If it is sticky or wet, flour should be 
     added 1 teaspoon at a time until the dough forms a nice ball.  If the dough 
     is gnarly, dry, or just not quite tacky, water should be added a teaspoon 
     at a time to achieve the correct consistency.
     When I want to make a recipe low fat there are a number of substitution 
     choices (all should be done in equal quantities):  substituting fat with 
     nonfat yogurt, using one of the prune fat substitutes, applesauce, just 
     leaving the fat out or making a bread that is naturally fat free such as 
     French or Sourdough.  
     Which replacer you choose depends upon what you have at hand and the nature 
     of the recipe.  For example the prune fat replacer might be nicer in a 
     pumpernickel bread than a white bread.