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re cooking in i.c. recipe/REC: Chocolate Sorbet (2)

I just saw my post referring to Alice Medrich's marvelous new "low-fat"
dessert book .. I doubt that much (if any) of the recipes would fit the
guidelines of this list, in case anyone got thrilled by that prospect.
Sorry if I led you down a temporary garden path ;).  She is a master of
chocolate and baking and I buy cookbooks to learn from as much as for the
recipes.  I don't agree that certain foods must be forever banished in any
amount (re the pb statement yesterday).  If they're important to you for
some reason, most can be incorporated in some creative way for the sake of

to bclarke re milk chocolate ice cream and cooking the mixture first:

Because of the 1/4 c. cornstarch, you really do have to cook it.  That is
the thickener and it will taste AWFUL and not be thickened if you don't.
The microwave would work beautifully .. I would definitely do that.  You'll
have to experiment with times with that much milk and be sure to take it
out every few minutes to whisk because of the thickening cornstarch.  It
will not lump or burn in the microwave if you tend it.  You can't just
completely leave any sauce that is thickening like that unless you have an
electric sauce maker or VitaMix which
stirs while heating.

When I make ice cream or sorbet, I pour the amount that doesn't fit into my
machine into little popsicle molds and they make me .. to quote Emeril
Lagasse .. "happy happy happy."  Good luck .. oh, here are a couple of
chocolate sorbet recipes.  You can vary the amount of cocoa, sugar and
flavorings to your taste (within reason).  I'm sending two so you can
compare and see that there isn't a law about the ratios.  I make the first
one cuz David Burke blows my mind :).  I think it's out of this world.

Chocolate Sorbet
David Burke (famous, fabulously creative chef of chefs)

2 cups water
3/4 c. sugar
3 T. corn syrup
5 T. cocoa

Combine all ingredients and heat on stove 10-15 minutes until cocoa aroma
blooms (or 5 min. in microwave).  Cool and put in ice cream maker or
popsicle molds.

I love this!

can substitute 2 T. liqueur (or some extract?) for 2 T. water .. like
Framboise, Hazelnut, etc .. or just flavored syrups? mmmmmm

to compare, another recipe (from Web, I think) is:

1 c  cocoa
3/4 c  sugar
2 1/2 c  water
1 ts vanilla extract

Good luck,