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beans in rice cooker

>Just a question.  Has anyone ever used their rice cooker/steamer to cook
>dry beans?  If you did and were successful, could you share the tips?

Hi Krista!
I have cooked lentils and rice together in my rice cooker, since lentils
have a similar cooking time.  It turned out pretty good, but not visually
appealing . . . the lentils (I used brown ones) made the rice look grungy.
Also, the onion and spices I put in seemed to "disappear", so I ended up
adding them again at the end.  All in all, it was very easy and didn't taste
bad (just looked bad).  I'm not sure how other dried beans would do, since
they usually need more cooking than lentils do.  Also, they might stick if
your cooker is metal (as mine is).  If you try it, let us know how it goes, ok?



Christine Ingle
Penn State University
Dept. of Veterinary Science
115 Henning Bldg. 
University Park, PA  16802
(814) 863-7771