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Weight Loss/Cookbooks

This is for Gloriamarie, who wrote,  "  I am a single person, household of
I would dearly like to find the sensible eating plan cookbook that contains
recipes, shopping lists etc for the single person. "

This doesn't really fit in with your request, but have you seen the latest
cookbook?  It's called "Quick and Easy Cookbook."   It doesn't contain
grocery lists or
weekly menus,  but the recipes only take about 15 min.  to prepare, which
should save
you lots of time.  How I have worked around the lack of planned menus
doesn't take very
long, but may help you.  I am currently cooking my way through "The New
Cookbook."  I have bookmarked off sections so that I have a marker for
"sandwich spreads," "soups," "salads," "main dishes," "side dishes," and
Once a week, I sit down and make a shopping list for *one* recipe under
each heading
(if your pantry is well-stocked, this should take no longer than 10 minutes
or so to do).
I dedicate Sunday to grocery shopping, and  cooking up a couple of the more
recipes between other chores.  Then I freeze the food in single serving
sizes to have throughout
the week.  The one main dish will last me all week if combined with a side
dish, soup or salad.
I round it off with fruit & veggies for snacks, and I buy only enough to
last me a week, so
that nothing spoils.  The repetition of the meals has actually *helped* me
to stick to my
"diet" and I have lost all the weight I want as a result.

It sometimes also helps to have a "diet buddy" for moral support and
Please e-mail me whenever you feel the need for such a contact. I would be
happy to
"listen" and share.

Good luck!