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Grain mill help

We've owned a K Tech model 91 (The Kitchen Mill) grain mill for about 5 or
6 years now, and its been basically trouble free, excepting the little foam
dust trap to eliminate dust from entering the room, it has a tendency to
get hard , brittle with use and is no longet as effective at eliminating
the grain dust. Also the machine is very noisy, one could almost be wearing
hearing protection when using this appliance. Otherwise it grinds grain
real well, and the texture is reasonably adjustable. All in all, in our
opinion, it was money well spent.
On the same topic, does anyone out there have any idea as to where one
might be able to procure replacement parts for the grain mill mentioned
above? The foam dust trap needs replacement as does the rubber seal about
the base of the canister.
Replies can be either posted to us direct or through the list.
Thanks in advance.

Ron and Lillian

"Technology is of no use to us if it is used without respect for the earth
 and its processes." -- Aldo Leopold