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Re: candy cravings

We "crave" sugar because carbohydrates are our most efficient
fuel and source of energy.  Several of our organs like the
brain, and nervous system, run best on sugar and cant run on
other forms of energy.  .

The only problem is we have gotten used to getting it in a
highly concentrated and refined form that can mess around with
and screw up our metabolisms.   The best source of it is fresh
fruit, veggies, and whole grains.   When we dont get in enough
carbs we do crave them, and when we do crave them we often reach
for them in a highly refined form.  Even highly refined
"natural" ones (maple syrup, barley malt, rice syrup) can mess
around with our metabolism ( and actually cause us to burn less
fat during the day)

The best thing to do is include plenty of fresh ripe fruit and
veggies in your diet and some complex carbohydrates.  And
whenever you feel that sugar craving coming on... just reach for
a delicious apple instead.

In Health