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Brendan's comment

I think the other suggestions make great sense. The only way to do is to
just get after it. Borrow some cookbooks. My favorites are "Everyday
Cooking" by Ornish and the McDougall books. Figure out what healthful
items you will keep in your house. Get rid of temptation. Learn new
ideas about eating. Think of it as a great adventure, which it is. I'm
43 with severe heart disease. I had quadtruple bypass almost two years
ago, found out in march that I'd lost grafts. I began eating this way
the day of my last heart cath. I had been eating the AHA step II
diet.I've had more fun eating I the last six month than in the rest of
my life. I lose weight and I feel like I'm doing the right thing for my
body. Most important have fun and rejoice in every single day you are
given the opportunity to eat in a new and healthful way.
Oh, yeah, read this page everyday. I've learned more here than from
almost anything else.