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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #239

In a message dated 08/31/1999 7:25:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< The day has
 >come, but the problem is, how do I begin?  Where do I start?  >>

I would start just one step at a time.  First eliminate most of the added 
fat.  For instance, when saute'ing vegetables.  Use spray instead of dumping 
the oil or butter in the pan.  If things seem a bit dry you can add a little 
of any liquid.  

Second, as my husbands doctor said, "if it comes from a cow, don't eat it".

Scour the web for low fat vegetarian recipies.  Some you will like, others 
will taste like wallpaper paste.  You will soon learn which kinds you like.  
I have gotten to the point where I hardly use recipes anymore.  My motto is 
"Veggies, over pasta, Veggies over rice, Veggies over potatoes, Beans over 
pasta, Beans over rice, Beans over potatoes..etc".

We did not start no-fat.  IN fact we are still not no-fat.  But we try to 
limit to not more than 20g per day and we only use the "good" fats.

Eating no/low fat is really just learning a whole new way to cook.  With all 
the wonderful options now its not hard.  WE have an added restriction as we 
are kosher also and many of the wonderful meat and cheese substitutes are not 
kosher certified.  

Good luck,