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Need to Change

The best advice that I can give, which was given to me when I was
considering becoming a vegitarian, was that you should start slowly with
foods that you are comfortable with. "All the tofu and zuccini in your
fridge is meaningless if the next day you're in line at McDonalds."
That's the way I look at any dietary change.

Go to the library, bookstore, or the archives for this list, and pick out
a few foods that sound good.  Try them out, preferably with regular meals,
and slowly work them into yourevery day menus.  Also, experiment with
lowering or removing fat from food you usually cook.

Look at this experience as a chance to try other foods, expand your
horizons, etc.  Try new things, it is well worth it.

Otto's Punk Rock Ranch for Wayward Girls

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