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Re: Fat free spread

Patricia Holm wrote:
> I use a product called Smart Beat.
> It has 2 grams of fat.
> No saturated fat, no cholesterol, no lactose, no trans fatty acids and
> no geletin. It has 20  calories per tablespoon.

Hi Patricia,

This spread doesn't sound terribly "fat free", I'm afraid.  Fat is 9
calories per gram.  At 2 grams of fat, that's 18 calories from fat, out
of a total of 20.  Assuming they're being exceedingly precise, that
would be 90% calories from fat.  Chances are pretty good there are some
rounding errors here, and there are actually more like 2.1 or 2.2 grams
of fat, and all of those 20 calories are truly fat calories -- hence
100% calories from fat.  Either way, that's a lot of fat for a "fat free

No offense or criticism intended here, just pointing out some basic food
math that some folks may not be aware of.  Remember, per gram, fat has 9
calories, proteins and carbohydrates have 4.

There have been some wonderful suggestions from other posters for spread
suggestions (jams, fruit butters, etc.) in recent days.  It's also worth
considering having your morning toast (or whatever) with no topping on
it at all.  Find a good multigrain bread, and enjoy it for its own
flavors, rather than hiding it under a spread.  A good multigrain bread
is a wonderful thing, believe me! :)


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