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Idea "Instead of Tofurkey"

Rather than use Tofurkey why not try a Portabello Mushroom. It's
almost the same flavour as meat and the consistency is very similar to
meat. You can bake or grill it with or without a marinade or seasoning
and it's great for BBQs or any occasion.

>Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 07:04:01 -0600
>From: Keith Matulia <Keith.Matulia@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: RE: Tofurkey
>Message-Id: <612D40863CAED3119B3E0008C79F2DDE02783E@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>I made a Tofurkey for Thanksgiving and was really looking forward to it. I
>just thought it was "okay" and as the afternoon went on and it "repeated" on
>me, I liked it less. I might try another brand (my health food supermarket
>"Wild Oats" carries 3 brands) but I am not in a hurry. I may be inclined to
>make a "veggie patty" to accompany my side dishes next year.