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Chix patties

>p.s. has anyone tried Morningstar Farms "Chick Nuggets" and/or "Chick
>Patties"? They are great - and very low in fat!!
>                                                Happy and peaceful holidays
>to all,
>Kristin : )

HI...I use Chick Nuggets and/or patties now and then and really like them.
I get friends to get extra dipping sauce from McDonalds when they buy the
chicken nuggets and use those with the Chick nuggets...they also have
veggie corn dogs which I get occasionally when I have a craving for
them..just saw the other day too, miniature veggie corn dogs but I'm trying
to lose weight and was afraid I'd want to eat them all!!  I think only 4
(they looked tiny) were one serving!
A local market nearby has started carrying a very small selection of
organic veggies....and had shredded tofu cheese which isn't bad and melts
well. (All along most markets around here have had the tofu/veggie slices
but it was the first time I'd seen shredded.

A happy holiday season to everyone.
Joanne in Northern CAlifornia