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Chix Patties

p.s. has anyone tried Morningstar Farms "Chick Nuggets" and/or "Chick
>Patties"? They are great - and very low in fat!!
>                                                Happy and peaceful holidays
>to all,
>Kristin : )

Hi Kristin,

I am a Kristin too, spelled the 'right' way! ;)  
Have you tried "Chicken-Free Nuggets/Patties" from Health is Wealth? If you 
like the Morningstar brand, you will love these!! They have less fat and I 
believe less sodium than the Morningstar brand, plus superior taste and 
texture. I buy them at Whole Foods and/or my local health food store. They 
are more expensive then the Morningstar Chick products, but I think they are 
worth it. I highly recommend giving them a try if you can find them in your 

Happy Holidays!