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The Kyubo company in Korea

>Did anyone else on this list get an email from the Kyubo company with a
>subject of 'cooking frying pans'?
>It is from a company in Korea and since FatFree and a computer mailing list
>are the only things I am on I wanted to check here first.
>I would have gone to Michele but the last few lists she has not sent to so
>don't have her email address.
>Joe Bonaiuto

Yes, I also received it.  I was hoping it wasn't a result of being on this
list, but since I'm only on 2 other lists, one for computers and the other
for women's health, it's likely this list is the source.  Now that I know at
least two of us received it, I'm even more suspicious.

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life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."  Albert