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Weight Loss

> From: Ngp1955@xxxxxxx
> Subject: Not losing weight as a vegetarian
> I can relate to the recent posting about not losing weight on a vegetarian diet.  I made the switch about 7 months ago to an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, 
It can be very depressing especially when one has a lot of weight to lose. 

Sorry if I've posted this before...
(I'm on a lot of mailing lists and sometimes I forget which topics were discussed on which list).
A vegetarian diet does not guarantee weight loss.
Weight loss depends more on what you DO than what you eat. You could eat all the "right" things and still not lose weight and maintain your weight loss if you do not exercise.  If you take in more calories in a day than you burn off, you will gain weight over time.

Also, if you have a lot of weight to lose, I assume it took you longer than 7 months to gain this weight, so it'll take longer than 7 months to lose it.  A lifestyle change has longer ranging benefits than a diet change.  Be good to yourself and be patient. Even a small amount of exercise will boost your energy and confidence.  

Good luck!