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Not losing weight as a vegetarian

You've been a vegetarian for 7 months and lost 14 lbs... that sounds great
to me!  Slow, steady weight loss is the healthy, safe way to do it.  Losing
5 lbs per week is not realistic, or even desirable.  That kind of weight
loss would put a huge strain on your body.

I want to second the opinion of the person who suggested replacing refined
flour, pasta, etc. with whole grains.  You'll get a more nutritionally out
of these foods as well, which is important if you are following a
low-calorie diet.  Also don't forget that it's important to drink lots of
water when you are losing weight.

Please think carefully before switching to one of these high-protein diets.
 From what I've read, they only work because they are very low in calories,
and too much protein can put undo strain on the kidneys.  As a person who
has suffered through two kidney stones, I can assure you that this is
something you want to avoid.  When I read up on kidney stones, I found that
this type of high protein diet is a common cause of kidney stones in women.


> was hoping to lose 5 lb. per week when I started this way of
> eating.  I guess
> I must have been delusional at the time because I have managed to
> lose only
> 14 lb. to date.