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not losing weight

> do feel better, the weight is coming off waaaaaay too slow for my taste. I
> was hoping to lose 5 lb. per week when I started this way of eating.  I
> I must have been delusional at the time because I have managed to lose
> 14 lb. to date.  It can be very depressing

I'm on digest and read this list sporadically, so forgive me if someone has
already responded.

14 lbs in 7 months is great!  Losing 5 lbs. per week is unreasonable, could
be pretty hard on the body, and would not have good prospects for long-term
staying-off power.  Remember how long and slowly it took to accumulate the
weight, then think how much harder it is to lose it than to get it!  Taking
it off slowly, methodically, and with good nutrition along the way is
definitely better for you.  Obviously, you *can* lose weight faster, but
that often falls into the category of yo-yo dieting and can wreak havoc

Remember what Ornish says about finding the way of eating you can do
forever, not just for "a diet."  Otherwise, it'll just come back after you
revert (even slowly) to the old way of eating.

Pat yourself on the back for losing those 14 lbs. and then keep on keeping

Have you read McDougal's book on Maximum Weight Loss?  That might help