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Starch, please!

Hello, I'm on a lowfat diet but the only solace I was getting thus far was
from being able to have starch at all three meals. Nothing fancy, just a
small bowl of cereal for breakfast with 2% milk, a sandwich (two
medium-sliced slices of bread, Philadelphia light, salad) for lunch, and
rice (white, I admit)or a baked potato at dinner.I love starch.
But 2 weeks into the diet, and despite working out strenuously on the Nordic
Track for 45 minutes every day, my weight is stabilising/creeping up. Then,
I read on this e-diets newsletter that the best way to kickstart weight loss
is (for a short while) to stick to ONE serving of starch a day (gulp!) and
that starch should NOT be bread, rice or potatoes, but instead, something
like oatmeal. Oatmeal! And not to have that oatmeal as my evening meal.
Now, I am the sort of person who gets HUNGRY even when I am eating a pile of
zucchini/green beans/pineapple, cheeries ... you know, high fibre produce.I
need food to sit around inside me for a wee while.
What can I do? Are there "good" starches or foods that give bulk but fewer
calories? Has anyone had success with barley?
Aaargh. I'm feeling a bit despondent.
Also, I live in London, and England sucks for lowfat alternatives to food,
though I suppose healthfood shops are not too bad. All and any advice would
be greatly appreciated!Lots of good wishes, and thank you for reading this far!