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cobbler questions

I'm sorry for any confusion about the cobbler recipe I posted yesterday.  
Here are the answers to some questions that have come up.
1. Yes, it is the Secrets Of Fat Free Baking by Sandra Woodruff.
2. If you're baking it in a conventional oven, it's 350 degrees F. for 30 
minutes or til the topping is golden brown.
3.  The fruit filling is prepared right in the casserol dish as per the 
recipe directions and the topping batter is poured over the hot fruit 
topping.  My suggestion is to cut back on the liquid in the topping recipe so 
that the batter could be placed in separate lumps around the edges of the 
dish.  This is helpfull if you're baking in the microwave as stuff in the 
center takes longer to get done.
Now you all go out there and have some fun with this recipe!