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Hi all,

Sue wrote...
>I am planning to buy a bread machine... If anyone has any suggestions
and/or >experience that  might  help me please let me know. 

I love my bread machine which is a Breville and has a fruit and nut
dispenser.  I haven't seen any other models with this (though they're
probably out there) and I find it really handy.  It automatically drops in
dried fruit or other additions at the right time, so you don't have to wait
for the beep and stick stuff in at the right time.  I make lots of good
savoury breads in it - it works really well with things like dried tomatoes
(not in oil, the dried out ones).  I make bread by following a standard
recipe but adding some frozen spinach blocks (thawed) with the water, then
set it to drop in chopped up sun dried tomatoes.  Adding some garlic or
herbs is good too....yum.

However if you don't see yourself making bread with dried fruit or veges
then it may not be worth paying the extra dollars.

Annabel in South Australia