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kahless@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I bought some TVP from the local health food store
> (Whole Foods) and was very disappointed with it.
> The only TVP I could find was in the bulk food section.
> It is a very light brown beige color and looks like
> small cumbles.

Sounds familiar so far...

> I soaked it in warm water, drained, and marinated
> in different sauces/marinades.  Both me and my SO
> thought it tasted terrible with taco seasonings in
> tacos.  Even mixed with ground beef, we could still
> taste the TVP.  I tried to hide it in bean stews and
> lasagna as well as the already mentioned taco mix.
> Nothing worked - it just tasted "funny" and you could
> definately tell it was there.

Still sounds familiar... :)

I find that you really need to find something exceedingly strongly
flavored to put it into, so it kills the natural flavor of the TVP
itself.  I only use TVP in my chili, and I add it dry and let the chili
juices reconstitute it.  It's not the basis for my chili, it's just an
added texture.  I can't imagine eating TVP if it were the main basis of
the dish -- it's just too weird smelling and tasting...

> I don't understand why everybody is talking about
> great TVP is.  Does it go "bad" in the dried form?
> All I could find at the store was the unflavored
> dried crumbles.  Where can I get flavored TVP and
> will it really make any difference in the taste?
> This stuff really tastes awful, like chemicals.
> Has anyone else had this experience?  This is really
> frustrating since my SO is willing to try vege
> alternatives, but not if they taste this bad!

I've never tried the flavored TVP, so I don't know, but TVP is not the
only meat alternative out there.  There are a number of halfway-decent
tasting (and smelling) things that aren't nearly as weird as TVP can
be.  Don't give up on all meat alternatives just because one is somewhat
disgusting! :)

Reminds me somewhat of the non-dairy parmesan "cheese" that my husband
uses on his pasta.  He loves it; I can't get my nose near it.  Give me
TVP any day... :)

And TVP it can be an acquired taste.  I used to find tofu vile; I now
love the stuff.  TVP's pretty similar in my mind, as far as taste
acceptance is concerned.


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