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I bought some TVP from the local health food store
(Whole Foods) and was very disappointed with it.
The only TVP I could find was in the bulk food section.
It is a very light brown beige color and looks like
small cumbles.

I soaked it in warm water, drained, and marinated
in different sauces/marinades.  Both me and my SO
thought it tasted terrible with taco seasonings in
tacos.  Even mixed with ground beef, we could still
taste the TVP.  I tried to hide it in bean stews and
lasagna as well as the already mentioned taco mix.
Nothing worked - it just tasted "funny" and you could
definately tell it was there.

I don't understand why everybody is talking about
great TVP is.  Does it go "bad" in the dried form?
All I could find at the store was the unflavored
dried crumbles.  Where can I get flavored TVP and
will it really make any difference in the taste?
This stuff really tastes awful, like chemicals.
Has anyone else had this experience?  This is really
frustrating since my SO is willing to try vege
alternatives, but not if they taste this bad!