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Re: Please help us clarify a question...

The purpose and intended content of the list can be found on the 
FATFREE website at http://www.fatfree.com/FAQ/intro

Basically, yes, it is a list for the discussion only of very low 
fat vegetarian recipes and cooking. That doesn't require you to BE 
a vegetarian to join, but don't expect to see discussions about 
meat or recipes containing meat.

[Hello to the other old timers! I've been silently reading for 
years, but I'm still here.]

Bob Simmons

On 29 Jul 2000, at 1:34, Connie wrote:

> From: kim johnson
> To whom this may concern,
> I did not know that everyone was a vegetarian on this
> site. I only eat chicken and fish.....so I'm not 100%
> a meat eater or a 100% vegetarian. I guess I'm
> somewhere in between!
> Please accept my apology!
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Kim,
> I am not a vegan or vegetarian either, but I do enjoy the list.  Can
> someone clarify if this is a strictly vegetarian list.  I thought
> when I signed up it was for a low fat/Fat free list.  Is it improper
> for me to post a recipe that has meat in it?  I do not mean to
> offend anyone by asking these questions, I just am hoping to find
> out so I dont start a war with a post that might list meat, ect...
> Thanks everyone in advance,
> Connie