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Potato Pancakes /lefse

>>Hi everyone, my mother in law makes these things that she calls potato
>>cakes.  They are so good, but not so good also.  Unfortunately when I asked
>>for the recipe, I found out that she takes mashed potatoes, an egg, and
>>flour.  She adds the egg to the potatoes and adds flour until it is thick
>>and kinda stiff.

HI...that sounds similar to a recipe my grandmother used to make ...it's
scandanavian....she was Norwegian......you grill them on dry grill...no oil
...maybe this recipe will be helpful.

> Mashed potatoes  (instant or fresh)
> Flour
> Butter (optional)
> Mix potatoes using the recipe on the box.  You can mix in a couple of
> tablespoons of butter if you like, but it's not necessary. Cool in
> refrigerator.
> Mix the dough, using approximately 1 cup mashed potatoes to 1/2 cup
> flour, or until the consistency is right for rolling.  Form into small
> patties.  Flour a rolling pin and roll out dough until fairly thin. (I
>think this is easier if dough is chilled)
> (should be about the size of a medium to large flour tortilla.) Cook
> on heated (ungreased) grill or large frying pan until lightly browned
> on each side.  Stack the finished lefses between two cloth towels to
> cool.  (this keeps them from getting dry)
Grandma used to eat these with brown sugar but could probably be used as
Haven't tried that but seems logical.