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The Standard American Diet & Low Glycemic Index

I read an interesting book about diet and the Glycemic Index by Dr. Bob Arnot.
Yes, I know he advocates eating m**t. Just ignore that for now.

In this book he said something that stuck with me. I can't quote it exactly, 
but here's the basic idea:

    The standard american diet has killed more people than the plague.

The book is, "Dr. Bob Arnot's Revolutionary Weight Control Program" I bought 
it yesterday at Border Books for $3.99 in the heavily discounted book 
section. There is another book with the same title by him in the regularly 
priced book section. The index was the same. I suspect that the one I 
purchased was a previous edition. It had some info. on Fenfen that wouldn't 
be in an updated edition.

I've been experiencing hunger right after eating. This has caused a weight 
gain over the last year. Am (as of yesterday) trying a vegan low glycemic 
index diet. I hope it works and I hope I can figure out what to do 
sufficiently well to be successful. If anyone knows of an internet group that 
fits within these parameters, please let me know.

Had a doc appt. Ran blood tests. Slightly elevated chol and more than 
slightly elevated triglycerides. Got fussed at. She *almost* said that she 
didn't believe I was on a vegan diet until she looked at my HDL readings and 
was astounded. If I have the acronym confused, then let's just say that 
the'good' cholesterol was excellent and the 'bad' not very bad. She said that 
where it counts, the vegan diet has paid off handsomely.