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(no subject)

     This is for Lorie who wants some good potato cakes.  I sued to make them 
like your mother in law.  This is how I make them now.  Hope that you find 
this tasty.
     I coat the inside of a non-stick skillet with cooking spray.  Fill the 
bottom of the skillet with onion slices.  I use the whole slice.  Cover as 
much of it as possible and cook on a low heat until the onion is brown on one 
side - Turn onion and press mashed potatoes on top - totally covering the 
onion and filling the skillet.  Salt and pepper well. Flavored salts are good 
here too.  I make the potatoes with just some of the potato water and some 
Molly McButter or other flavoring spray.  Sometimes I use instant potatoes  
which are good this way.  When the onions are brown on the other side, spray 
cooking spray on the potatoes and flip the whole thing.  Continue to cook 
until the potatoes have formed a light brown crust.  I do this in a small 
skillet for me alone, or a large one to cut into wedges when I have friends 
over.  Sometimes I have added an egg substitute, but really this was not 
necessary to have a good pancake - just firm mashed potatoes are good enough. 
 The taste of the grilled onion is delicious with this recipe.  I have added 
sauted onion, or mushrooms and/or green peppers to the potatoes at times.  
This is my favorite comfort food.
Kay in Ky

<<Hi everyone, my mother in law makes these things that she calls potato 
cakes.  They are so good, but not so good also.  Unfortunately when I asked 
for the recipe, I found out that she takes mashed potatoes, an egg, and 
flour.  She adds the egg to the potatoes and adds flour until it is thick 
and kinda stiff.  She forms them and fries them.  They look like pancakes.  
I was wondering if anyone has a FF recipe for this or has ever tried making 
it with egg substitute and cooking spray.  I dont want to waste if it doesnt 
come out good.  Thanks so much.