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suggestions for cooking ahead?

I sent this question a few days ago (at least I thought I did) and haven't 
seen it on the list so I'm trying again. If it pops up twice, I apologize.

Does anyone have any suggestions for main dishes that can be prepared ahead 
of time and frozen? I love to cook and have learned so much about it since 
going veggie, but life doesn't always accomodate my desire to spend hours 
making dinner. I've been searching for a cookbook that might help me plan 
meals better. What I'd love to do is have a week's worth in the freezer so we 
can still eat healthy when time is tight. Any suggestions on a cookbook or 
even recipes that might work for me would be greatly appreciated.

 BTW, this is the only list I subscribe to and I love all the discussions and 
suggestions I've read. It's nice to have a support system and y'all should be 
proud of being a part of that for everyone. 

(I'm from Texas, we say "y'all" a lot)  ;-)